2023 Award Eligibility

This year's list only has two entries, but they're big ones! This year I had my first novella out and self-published for the first time ever, and I'm so incredibly proud of both.

Off-Time Jive | Neon Hemlock (October 2023)

    Summary: Set during an alternate Harlem Renaissance where new forms of magic created by Black joy strain against  the white establishment, Bessie Knox is an investigator of magical mysteries. When her old colleagues at the Bronx Academy of Magic start turning up dead, Knox's weakened abilities are pushed to their limits, but if she can't solve the case, she'll be next. (16,900 words)

A Concrete Crown: MacBeth Retold | Self-published as T.O. Tate | Robot Dinosaur Press (September 2023)

    Summary: Micah, a seasoned scout, has seen firsthand the dangers of a desolate city corrupted by a mysterious contaminant, but as the contamination spreads, his cousin Dawson only grows more convinced that it’s safer inside than out. When their battle of wills escalates from argument to blackmail and murder, Micah must ask if his motives are as noble as he wants to believe. (17,800 words)

BITTERBOUND Content Warnings and Such

If you want to take care of yourself when reading Bitterbound , here are the content warnings that also appear at the beginning of the book:...