Lonicerad + Salixia | Twisted Moon

Raster | Abyss & Apex Vol. 73

Metallurgy of the Heart | The Sweet Release of Survival Zine

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Seventeen Days | Anathema


Germination | The Future Fire Issue 50

Downgrowth | Shades of Pride Anthology: LGBTQAI2+ Anthology


Selected Poetry (as Ava Zaleski) | Illumen Spring 2019


51 | Concrete Queers Issue #12

Bury Me With My Bonnet | Fiyah Issue #10 -- HAIR


Selected Poetry | ENBY Issue #3

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Thistle | Kaleidoscope Issue #78

Through | Vulture Bones Issue #2

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She's Not a Phoenix | Strange Horizons

Binary Star | Wizards in Space Literary Magazine Issue #1

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Romantic Intent | Only One Bed: A Steamy Romance Anthology Vol 1

Whiskey and Bones | Lackington's Magazine Issue #21: Cocktails

Sheer Pleasure | Best Women's Erotica of The Year Vol. 5, Cleis Press

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At Night We'll Feast Together | Nightlight: Horror Podcast

Featured Zathoms 1 2 3 | Zathom.com

The Thing At Akeley Farm | EOM: Equal Opportunity Madness -- A Mythos Anthology

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#OneWorld - Neurodiverse Voices | The Pink Heart Society