Sensitivity Reading

I offer sensitivity reading for representation of the following marginalized communities:

  • Bisexual
  • AFAB Nonbinary
  • Black/Biracial
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Fat


5000 words and under: $40 flat rate
5001-10,000 words: $40 + (# words) x ($0.005/word)
10,001-50,000 words: $90 + (# words) x ($0.0035/word)
50,001 and up: $265 + (#words) x (0.0015/word)

Full payment prior to the rendering of services is preferred, but exceptions can be made in the case of financial difficulties that prevent paying a large sum up front. A payment plan may be negotiated, and in the case of scheduled payments, I will read the manuscript in segments whose word count is proportional to the amount paid at the time of payment.

I accept the following forms of payment:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon e-Gift Card
  • Personal Check
  • Venmo
Payment is nonrefundable, unless for some reason I am unable to complete the sensitivity reading, in which case I will prorate the original payment amount based on how far I have gotten through the work, using the rate from the original payment calculation, and refund the difference for the portion that I did not complete. (For example, if I have read 60,000 words of a 100,000 word manuscript, you will be refunded $300.00)


"Not only did AZ offer invaluable insight on my manuscript, they were also extremely professional, punctual, and very communicative. They answered all of my questions thoroughly, provided resources for me to continue my own research, and offered suggestions on improving my manuscript to more respectfully examine gender. I would highly recommend AZ to anyone who is writing a nonbinary or AFAB character, or just wants to be sure their manuscript is clear of any problematic tropes, cissexist language, or harmful portrayals of fat characters." — B

"A.Z. did such an amazing, thorough job and provided great sources of information for my work. They were quick without seeming rushed, and I definitely plan to use them again in the future." — L

Terms and Conditions:


I will read the work at least once and then submit a report that documents all of the issues that I notice, with quotations, citations, and explanations. An issue can range from specific words or sentences that are problematic to an overall character arc or major plot point that is a harmful trope. I will also provide suggestions regarding how to fix these issues. Though final changes are always up to the author, these changes may require a complete overhaul of the work in some cases.


Sensitivity reading will begin after I receive payment (including clearance of personal checks and confirmation of gift card validity) and will be completed before the delivery date agreed upon.

No copy or line editing will be performed.

The work must be revised and self-edited before sending. I cannot accept newer versions once the reading has begun.


My agreement to serve as a sensitivity reader does not constitute an endorsement of the work, a defense against criticism of the work, or a guarantee that the work is free of any and all biases. I can only read the work from my own personal experience, which may not align with the experiences of others who share my marginalization. As a part of the agreement, my name may not be mentioned in any public manner, including acknowledgments, without permission.

I will not disclose any information regarding the work to anyone but pre-approved parties prior to its final publication. After publication, I reserve the right to criticize the text of the finished copy.

As it pertains to the above: If my sensitivity reading requires me to consult someone else with similar expertise (e.g. a family member) for clarification or a second opinion, I will request explicit permission before discussing it with the person I consult and will not reveal your identity to them.

I am willing to sign formal non-disclosure agreements that comply with the above if necessary. Any non-disclosure agreement will be signed at the time of payment.

BITTERBOUND Content Warnings and Such

If you want to take care of yourself when reading Bitterbound , here are the content warnings that also appear at the beginning of the book:...