Poetry Critique

Poetry critique can be valuable for those submitting to contest with entry fees, poets putting together books to self publish or submit to a publisher, or those with multiple poems they intend to submit to lit mags. Poetry feedback includes structure, sound, imagery, and theme.


100 lines and below: $0.4/line
101-250 lines: $40 + (# lines)x($0.2/line)
251-500 lines: $90 + (# lines)x($0.1/line)

I accept the following forms of payment:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon e-Gift Card
  • Personal Check
  • Venmo
Payment is only refundable if for some reason I cannot complete the critique.

Terms and Conditions:


Poetry will be read at least twice, once for overall feel and again for more detailed feedback. Reading will begin after I receive payment (including clearance of personal checks and confirmation of gift card validity) and will be completed before the delivery date agreed upon.

The work must be revised and self-edited before sending. I cannot accept newer versions once the reading has begun.


I will not disclose any information regarding the work to anyone but pre-approved parties prior to its final publication. After publication, I reserve the right to criticize the text of the finished copy.

I am willing to sign formal non-disclosure agreements that comply with the above if necessary. Any non-disclosure agreement will be signed at the time of payment.