2021 Fiction & Poetry Award Eligibility

This post is small this year, just like the little nibbles of work within, but it contains some of my favorite things I've ever written (and edited by some of the raddest people in spec fic and poetry).

·Short Fiction·

Her Voice Like Lightning | The Shortest Story (October 2021)

    Summary: a horse befriends a bigfoot who comes into her stall every night to braid her mane.

Mother to None | Baffling Magazine (July 2021)

   Summary: a woman living in a forest besieged by magic finds her precious record of nature's secret songs in peril.

Single Origin | Fantasy Magazine (April 2021)

    Summary: two women meet in line to taste a witch's brew in exchange for their wildest dreams, but the witch is more than she seems.


Gebbeth | Climbing Lightly Through Forests (January 2021)

Pseudotensor | Lucky Jefferson -- Awake Issue 4: Odyssey (December 2021)