2020 Fiction & Poetry Award Eligibility

This is my first ever eligibility post, full of chaos and hope, which feels pretty apt for 2020. I'm forever grateful to everyone who helped these little shimmers of my dreams come together over the course of the year.

·Short Fiction·

Dermestes Robotica | Too Late; Didn't Run Nope 2 (October 2020)

    Summary: transcripts of the voice records of a mortician sent to a recently terraformed planet to dispose of bodies, who comes in contact with something worse than what killed the dead

Dracanmōt Council of Human Study Report | Common Bonds (October 2020)

    Summary: a dragon befriends a human he's supposed to be studying, and begins to question the ethics of his assignment.

Imago | Glitter + Ashes: Queer Tales of a World That Wouldn't Die (September 2020) | 

    Summary: a nonbinary junk seller has to choose between kindness and survival in a world destroyed by a mysterious, colorful disease.

Beneath Riverroot Tree | Magic the Gathering Tie-in fiction (September 2020) | Read | 

    Summary: A young elf plunges into underground horrors in an attempt to prove himself, and finds much more personal answers instead.

Whiskey and Bones | Lackington's Magazine Issue #21: Cocktails (June 2020)

    Summary: the daughter of a monster hunter gets lost in a forest of supernatural creatures while searching for the cryptid her father cannot kill.


Hoops | Star*line Issue 43.4, All Black Everything

Worm Tea | Inkwell Black (September 2020)

Lonicerad + Salixia | Twisted Moon Issue 5 (August 2020)

Raster | Abyss & Apex Vol. 73 (January 2020)